Sandika's Empowerment Adventures, Retreats & Coaching

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Empowerment equals choice. When you take away choice, you take away empowerment. When you think you have no choice, you disempower yourself.

Empowerment Coaching is a powerful tool to help anyone who may have gone through trauma or has gotten complacent, uncertain, or feels “stuck” or unsure of their next steps.

Through a series of specific questions, processes, meditations, exercises, and interventions, Sandika Joy will shift you into a more empowered place where you can look at the same dilemma or challenge from a higher perspective to make a more empowered decision.

Clients express profound joy at how much lighter, happier, more definite, and confident they feel after their empowerment coaching experience.

Sandika offers a variety of ways for you to step back into your power: 

  1. Three-day Empowerment Adventure on Lasqueti Island, Canada
  2. Five-day Empowerment Retreat on Lasqueti Island, Canada
  3. Empowerment Coaching Sessions via telephone or web, worldwide


Sandika Joy's 3-Day Empowerment Adventure

Arrive on Lasqueti Island around 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon via the French Creek-Lasqueti Island Ferry, and you'll immediately be greeted by Sandika Joy and her team; where we'll pick you up and make the short drive to our beautiful, off-grid, vacation home--the Teapot House.

Upon arrival, you'll meet your five fellow sojourners, and take a quick tour of the house and property, as you get ready for 3 days and 2 nights of beauty, bliss, nature, and empowerment. The weather is predictably beautiful from March to November (even nicer than Vancouver Island weather).

Sandika has every moment mapped out to ensure you experience all the magic of Lasqueti Island. From delicious, homemade, organic, vegetarian meals (that you'll all make together) to exquisitely stunning landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, and magnificent views, to strategically-planned empowerment sessions, guided meditations, hikes, yoga on the beach, and creative art processes, you'll leave on Sunday afternoon and arrive home feeling as though you've left all your baggage behind, and you are ready to jump-start your life!

Three days and two nights to reset, recalibrate, and reenergize!

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You'll feel incredibly energized, clear, grounded, healthy, balanced, strong, empowered, and happy, knowing there is nothing you can't accomplish.

Plus, don't forget your hiking boots >>> we're giving Mount Trematon a climb!

These three days with Sandika Joy will give you a reboot that you could never imagine possible!

COST: Regularly $697 CDN ~ $529 US (tax incl.)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $497 CDN ~ $373 US (tax incl.)


2 nights accommodation, 3 days of beauty, self-reflection, and empowerment, 3 healthy delicious vegetarian meals & 2 snacks daily, coffee, tea, water, Sandika's adventures on the Island including yoga, hikes, and creative therapy, empowerment coaching & meditations, dormitory-style sleeping, shared bathroom, your journal & pen, travel to and from the Lasqueti ferry to the Teapot House

Does NOT Include:

travel to and from the mainland to Lasqueti Island, any additional food or beverages. Alcohol is also not advised.



Are you a woman planning on visiting Lasqueti Island? Would you like to spend a day with Sandika Joy getting coached in nature, having adventures, and getting in touch with your truest Self? Sandika Joy can customize a special day package for you while you are visiting the island!

This includes pick-up from the Lasqueti Ferry, outdoor activity, community event (if applicable), one empowerment coaching session, and drop-off back at the Lasqueti Ferry! 

If this is of interest to you, contact Sandika here to plan your special empowerment day in Lasqueti!


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** Interested in booking with a group or friend? Email Sandika to learn more about our group rates!

Interested in staying "in the loop" on Sandika's next Empowerment Aventure? Pop in your name and email below. You'll also recieve some special instructions for having your own Burning Ritual!

Sandika Joy's Empowerment Life Coaching

After graduating at the top of her class at both Rhodes Wellness College as a Life Coach, and the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)​​​​​​​ as a Certified Empowerment Coach, Sandika has created an easy and effective way for you to be coached from anywhere in the world.


$219 CAD

per session

During this one session with Sandika, you will feel a powerful shift that will prepare you for your next steps.



$199 CAD

per session

Sandika's most popular package, six sessions will help you find your true sweet spot, where you'll activate your inner blueprint. 



$209 CAD

per session

Three sessions with Sandika will help you to reconnect with your Real Self and to feel more clarity.


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What women are saying!


"I was lucky enough to meet Sandika on my first trip to Lasqueti Island. We decided to come back for one of Sandika's Empowerment Adventures. We started the day with yoga and set our intentions before our hike. She brought us through a beautiful meditation as we ventured up the mountain. Sandika was encouraging and supportive. We triumphed through the hike physically, but mentally, Sandika supported us so much more. We left feeling grounded and reconnected." 

Melissa Davies, Alberta, Canada

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"When Sandika Joy came into our Empowerment Coach Certification program, I instantly knew she was a very special soul with a powerful, bright light. She has progressively gotten more and more confident and is now one of our strongest coaches and leaders. If Sandika takes you under your wing, you're blessed."

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Crystal Andrus Morissette, founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute

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